About us

Ladies and Gentelmen,

Over eighteen years ago lawyers and solicitors from Gdańsk’s, Łódź’s  and Poznan’s law firms established International Chamber’s network IURIS LINK, main goal was to equal to new challenges and customer’s requirements. Close collaboration was formed between chosen Chambers from Poland and a few European countries including Germany.  In the beginning IURIS LINK network  was associating eight law firms. This Network was also organising international juridical conferences in Germany (Berlin,Frankfurt) and in Poland (Poznań, Łodź, Lublin) for entrepreneurs.  One of the results of this cooperation is factfinder for enterpreneurs containing  information about the most important law problems which occur in solicitors and lawyers practice.

In March 2008 IURIS LINK Network was transformed into Lawyers Association IURIS LINK.

Nowadays IURIS LINK Association consociates approximately sixteen lawyers and solicitors form different polish and german cities. Its statute  main goal is enhancing professional’s standards in order to assert customers comprehensive and professional legal service.

Members of IURIS LINK Association exchange their experiences between themselves, they cooperate and work on project together. Significant part of IURIS LINK activity is issuing bulletin two times a year which contains information about current changes in legal system as well as articles about the most frequent clients problems.

Please see information about IURIS LINK members , projects that we have accomplished and our bulletins in which you may find valuable information from juridical practice. It is my firm belief that the range and quality of the legal advice that we offer will meet your expectations and needs.