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ul. Zamenhofa 20/2

Jerzy Szczepaniak’s law firm was established in June 1989. It has been one of the first private law firm providing professional juridical services in Łódź. Jerzy Szczepaniak finished judicial application and he was performing the function of judge in District Court. Then he performed 3 years legal practice finished with advocatory examination.

Geolocation is 51.7619776, 19.4534571

ul. Ogrodowa 10/2
Lawyer Piotr Sendecki has been running legal practice since 1989. Piotr Sendecki mostly handles cases from the scope of civil law. His specializations are economical issues; he participates as an advisor in process of creating new and transformation existing business entities. He also takes part in current companies’ juridical services.

Geolocation is 51.2501282, 22.5558892

ul.Mickiewicz 28

We operate our activity in Poznań and in Warsaw. Our law firm team is composed of high qualified lawyers and specialist. We have been providing juridical servicing for over 30 years. We offer is aimed to entrepreneurs. We support small and medium companies as well as big capital group.

Geolocation is 52.4679858, 16.9220966

Piłsudskiego 10 Street

Since first March 2012 I have been managing individual law firm  lawyer Monika Makowska placed in Bełchatów at Piłsudskiego 10 street. I am graduate of Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of University of Łódź. In the years 2007-2011 I was devilling in District Bar Council in Czestochowa.

Geolocation is 51.3765137, 19.380468899999983

Hammer Strase 138-140

ASP law firm began its activity in 2006. As new form of cooperation, so far working together lawyers. Chamber’s office is placed in the historical city centre of Munster. Legal problems are often related with questions about tax that’s why we are happy that we work with tax advisers.

Geolocation is 51.82664, 10.28365

ul.Grottgera 12/1-2

Aurelia Koksztys- Łuc i Bartosz Łuc from Lawyers’ Professional Partnership Łuć and Koksztys-Łuć

Geolocation is 50.8964874, 15.7369591

ul.Pijarska 15

Cabała Grochowska Law firm 

We run our activity as a civil partnership, currently since 2013 our partnership’s team is composed of:

Geolocation is 49.624773, 20.689413999999942

Puławska 39 lok.30

Lawyer Emil Zalewski heads up individual law firm.
In his occupation he probes intellectual property focusing on cases connected with copyright, proprietorship, Press law, as well as cases connected with protections of natural and legal peoples’ goods. He advises artists, authors, TV creators and entrepreneurs.

Geolocation is 52.2073309, 21.022580999999946

ul. Uniwersytecka 13 - budynek Altus

Lawyers and Solicitors Limited partnership Żyglicka and partners are a team of unique people working with passion and take up challenges willingly. Our rich experience, comprehensive and updating knowledge as well as our lawyers involvement allows us advice our clients effectively and co-create their success.

Geolocation is 50.261581, 19.02482800000007

Leipziger Platz 9

Geolocation is 52.5089522, 13.379222099999993

ul. Energetyków 3/4

Solicitors’ Biel, Judek and Solicitors law firm – Professional partnership was established 1st May 2006 as a result of amalgamation three existing for many years on Szczecin’s market law firms: Solicitor’s Biel law firm, Poczobut-Odlanicki Professional partnership and Solicitor’s Krzysztof Judek law firm.

Geolocation is 53.4200029, 14.562911999999983

ul. Zwycięstwa 147/2

Elżbieta Nowak’s law firm has been operating since 1990 as one of the first private chambers in Koszalin.

Geolocation is 54.1906344, 16.1989896